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Let me tell you, I never anticipated owning my own floral design business.  But I LOVE what I do!

My love for flowers goes back to before I can remember.  As a kid I would dash out to my mom’s flower gardens, cut lots of flowers, and create fresh arrangements for almost every room in our house!  Making new bouquets weekly was something I LOVED!

Today I still love surrounding myself with that same beauty: cutting, designing, and dreaming with excited couples ready to tie the knot.  It makes me so happy to care for the floral details so YOU can enjoy each moment of your day!


SO WHY CALL IT Forte Florals?


Forte: (adv & adj).  A note or passage played in a loud, bold manner.

Ever listen to a song that made you reach for the volume, give you an adrenaline rush, or awaken a passion inside of you that made you want to belt out the lyrics to the world?  (Confession time.  Yup I see that hand…)

Forte Florals is exactly that feeling manifested into action and creation. Flowers tell a story.  They tie in colors and textures to make your day come to life, as well as fragrance to bring back smells of your day for years to come.

The thrill of my job is to capture YOUR vision and make it come alive for a day your guests and friends will be talking about for years to come!



So, let’s chat!  Contact me today.  I can’t wait to hear about YOUR day!



A little bit about me…maybe you can relate

-I would love to get a big dog…but our cozy cape cod and ha less than 1/4 acre make that a bit impossible
-Motherhood (is amazing!) but has taught me so much about my own selfishness, and that I no longer need a morning alarm
-I love traveling to new places, and seeing old favorites
-I have a goal to turn our garage roof into a green roof filled with lots of fragrant and lovely flowers
-I’m a bit of a coffee snob.  My hubby and I are always out on the lookout for a sensational latte.  Although I’m loving cold brew these days!
-I believe in dreaming big things; but more importantly I believe in prayer