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City Social 2

At Forte Florals we loving supporting what’s going on and happening in our local community.  So when the opportunity came for us to be a sponsor with Fig’s City Social fine dining experience after sitting down with Deborah Brandt with (now) Fig Industries, we were all in and ready to help make it a memorable evening for all attending guests.

city social

Fig rolled out several quarterly “City Social” dinner parties in 2015 featuring unique dining experiences in downtown Lancaster city.  For Forte Florals this was an honor to add to the dining experience with such great vendors like The Federal Taphouse, Capital Wine & Spirits, Special Occasions Queen Street Linens, and The Ware Center.  And many thanks to Susan Eberly with Alegra Concierge Services, who organized such a great event.

Supporting Local :: Fig

The color palette for the event was claret, pulling in lots of purples and reds.  This was the perfect palette for a September dinner.  We used deep red ranunculus, purple zinnias, rustic purple hydrangeas, seeded eucalyptus greens to add some texture, pops of peachy-pink juliet roses, and finished with pheasant feathers to give an elegant and fall look in accented gold urns.

Fig 2

Scott Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, Garden Spot Village, New Holland, PA

Read more of Miller’s experience at the Fig Lancaster blog.


Stay tuned for the next City Social dinner!


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It seems fitting to write one of my first blog posts on my FIRST wedding!  And boy was it a wedding of “firsts”!!

I remember that momentous day over FIVE years ago so clearly when Valerie, (my younger sister and first of us Talbott sisters to get married), said “yes!” to her handsome college sweetheart. Val wanted a big, bold, and beautiful wedding, and why not? It was totally her to a “t”!

I have always loved flowers, and as long as I can remember I would run out to my mom’s gardens and cut black-eyed Susan’s, zinnias, greens, and other beautiful flowers of which I had no idea what their name was, and arranged a beautiful bouquet to sit proudly in each room of my parents house growing up. So I thought I would offer Valerie my services to take on the florals for her wedding.

I had experience, right? No biggie! This would be one of those moments where everything would be just MAGNIFIED. I would just cut “more”, buy “more”, spend “more”, design “more”, set-up “more”, etc. Done. Easy-peasy.

Ha, yea right!

FF firsts 5

I spent hours pouring over hand-written scribbles, drawings, scratches, prices, quotes, trying to make sense of it all. How could I bring this to life? How could I make it all beautiful for Val and Ryan? Dear Lord, please help me not make this a huge failure! I was so frustrated and had no idea how to set priorities, create a timeline, where to purchase, or even what flowers would be in season!

However Val and my family believed in me…maybe a bit too much! They had confidence that I could do it. And with my “I can do it all” and overly optimistic outlook on life, I blazed on through and learned as I went!

I was so shocked when friends and family told me they loved the flowers.   They loved the beauty, the asymmetry, the boldness, the atypical designs, the colors, the style, etc..

Sure, I look back and GASP “Did I really do that? Or think THAT looked FINISHED or good?!?” at some of my designs. But who doesn’t do that?


I learned, and I mean I learned good through this FIRST! I walked away with so many lessons and confidence tucked under my belt. But what was most impactful to me was not what I thought, but how my customer felt. And from that moment I knew it was about my CUSTOMER. I wanted that to be a pillar of any future business I had.

For us at Forte Florals it will always be ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. Val LOVED the flowers, loves the pictures with our added floral touches, and loves the memories from their day. And I got to be part of that. Oh wow! Thank you, Valerie, for giving me the opportunity to try – and for the impetus for Forte Florals!!

FF firsts 4

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Horse Shoot

I loved horses as a girl. I dreamed about living on a horse farm (ok, so secretly I still do!). I wanted to be Penny Chenery and own a Thoroughbred racehorse winner like Secretariat, who became the first U.S. Triple Crown winner in 25 years.   So when Brianna with Brianna Wilbur Photography asked me to create florals for a senior picture shoot, I was ELATED!!

Horse Photo 5

This girl and her horse just melted my heart, and I felt so honored to add such a special touch to her senior pictures. I used Juliet roses (a standard favorite!) to compliment her soft, blush dress, and to add pops of color to her head garland.

I wanted the horse wreath to be strong and solid, like her horse, yet with touches of femininity. I chose eucalyptus gunni as the perfect garland foliage, and lush white peonies with pops Juliet roses.

Horse Shoot 2

While I still dream of owning a horse someday, this sentimental experience gave me memories to keep my heart content for years to come (of which my husband is very thankful!).

Horse Shoot 6

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